How to solve the problem of defective point cloud of highly reflective workpieces?

For highly reflective workpieces with defective point cloud data in the camera’s field of view, what exposure parameters are recommended to address this issue?
Can the issue be resolved by tilting the workpiece for another capture or by adjusting parameters?

General Approach to Addressing the Point Cloud Gap Issue in the Center Position:

  1. use a flash image to determine if the current missing part is caused by overexposure.
  2. Passive approach: Reduce the 3D exposure value to decrease the brightness of the central reflection.
  3. Fundamental approach: To tackle overexposure in the central area, refer to Optimize defective point clouds: When specular reflection is strong (Solution for Center Mirror Overexposure Issues).

Specific Solutions for the Current Issue:

  1. Passive approach: By adjusting parameters, you can choose two sets of exposures, one low and one high. Low exposure can reduce the brightness of the central reflection, while high exposure can address insufficient brightness in the surrounding areas, aiming to ensure the overall integrity of the point cloud.
  2. For overexposed points, you can consider a translation and angle adjustment approach, as mentioned in the general approach above.