Guidance of Docs and Tutorials

Welcome to the guidance of docs and tutorials. This post gives an overview of Mech-Mind’s products and provides an entrance to the learning guidance (docs and tutorials) for various 3D vision-guided robotic applications.


Now, you can select a learning guidance based on your application scenario. You will get all the required learning materials for getting started with your application.

You can obtain the software, camera information, deep learning models, etc. through the Mech-Mind Download Center.

If you have difficulty understanding some learning materials, please go to the post Background Knowledge of Vision System (coming soon) for more information.
If you need support, please visit the Q&A section of the forum (login is required).

Learning guidance for typical application scenarios

This section shows the learning guidance for typical application scenarios. You can get more videos and documentation in the corresponding learning guidance post according to your application scenario.

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