Python Library Invocation Failure in Mech-Vision

I’m encountering an issue where, in the ‘calc results by python’ step, I’ve already installed the corresponding Python library for the function, but why is it not callable properly?

Please note that the currently integrated version of Mech-Vision includes Python 3.6.8. Newly installed Python libraries should be compatible with this version of Python. This version is somewhat outdated, and Mech-Mind is actively researching and advancing update plans. We welcome customer feedback on commonly used Python versions and frequently used libraries.

Please also pay attention to use the correct Python interpreter for installing the library. Mech-Center and Mech-Vision use two different Python interpreters.
You can install new modules like this:

  1. Open the Command Prompt or PowerShell program.
  2. Change the workdirectory to the “python” directory of the Mech-Center(Mech-Vision) software, e.g.:
    $ cd C:\Mech-Mind\Mech-Mind Software Suite-1.7.4\Mech-Center(Mech-Vision)\python.
  3. Execute the command ” .\python -m pip install library_name “.