Temperature drift

What does the temperature drift of a 3D camera refer to? What are the main factors affecting temperature drift?

1. What is Thermal Drift?

Thermal drift in a depth camera refers to the phenomenon of overall depth value drift as the temperature changes.

2. Main Factors Influencing Thermal Drift:

Temperature changes are primarily influenced by two factors: the impact of spontaneous heating during camera startup and the influence of environmental temperature changes.

3. Effects of Thermal Drift:

Since thermal drift is characterized by an overall drift in the camera’s Z-axis in its coordinate system, it generally has minimal impact on most grasping projects. However, projects that are sensitive to changes in Z-values may be moderately affected.

4. How to Reduce the Impact of Thermal Drift:

Control changes in camera temperature, such as using a thermal unit.
Avoid solutions involving “top-view imaging” or “side assembly.”

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