Solutions for white screen issues when viewing point clouds or on Mech-Viz, Mech-Eye Viewer main interface, or for 3D ROI display errors about OpenGL

Problem Descriptions:

  • When opening the Template Matching and Picking Point Editor in Mech-Vision, the screen is completely white and the log shows the error Fail to load libEGL

  • Mech-Vision is unable to enter the calibration program normally and OpenGL related errors appear.

  • When setting 3D ROI in Mech-Vision, the 3D ROI setting interface crashes or the screen is completely white.

  • When opening point cloud related display software using the built-in Windows remote software, the interface is completely white.

  • When opening the Mech-Eye Viewer software, the interface is completely white (white screen).


Possible Causes:

  • Incorrect graphics card driver.
  • Insufficient configuration for dual graphics card industrial computer.