(HELP !) How to perform edge gluing with mech vision?

How can I perform edge gluing with mech vision on version 1.7.2?
I want the trajectory to follow a certain direction for a unique shape.

For example:


Mech-Vision has this Step for the function you need. But please contact the Mech-Mind technical support for your company to test and deploy it.

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Hi, as 2nd image showned above, Mech-Vision also has this step [Generate Path Given Depth Map]. It can generate path like the screenshot that I attached. And you can see the test result from the 1st image.

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@Eric What version of Mech Vision are you using? Because I’m using version 1.7.2 and cannot find the “Generate Path Given Depth Map” step.

Hi I’m using Mech-Vision 1.7.2, same with your’s.

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Thanks @Eric I can use it now but, I want to ask if you could show the result obtained for “Calc Mask for Highest Layer” and “Point Cloud Pre-Processing”? Currently I can only get 2 poses on a flat-triangle shape, and they are not in the corners.

  1. Click right button, and show more parameters.

  2. Try to minimize the Erosion Kernel Size and Sample Distance.

  3. Double click the line and the debug output will be shown in the top right corner.


Thank you very much for the assitance! @Eric Now it is ok.

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