Temperature drift

Q: What does the temperature drift of a 3D camera refer to? What are the main factors affecting temperature drift?

A: Temperature drift refers to the shifting of the overall depth value of the camera as the temperature changes. The camera’s temperature drift is primarily influenced by two factors: the self-heating effect during the camera startup process and changes in ambient temperature.

Hi Jenny, are there any diagramms that show the drift over temperature? Would be good to know in case a customer is asking for that.

Hello Andreas,
I am asking who can draw the diagram.

Hi Andreas,
Take V4 Pro M as an example, this diagram shows the drift conditions in depth values over time.
We can see that the depth values essentially keep unchanged after reaching thermal equilibrium status.

The following is temperature drift values with some models for reference

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Hi Jenny,
Thank you for that helpfull information!

One question on the time axis in the diagram: What is the unit of the time axis? Milliseconds?


It is seconds,for 3 hours, around 10800s