Calculation of measurement range

I got the following question from a customer:

I have a technical question for you.
Are you able to determine the measurement resolution at the end of the measurement range for your scanner (Mech-Eye LSR L Industrial 3D Camera) ?

I mean dx, dy and dz with a sensor-to-object distance of 3m.

In particular, I would like to know what is the measurement insensitivity of the system in the Z axis.
This parameter will determine what smallest changes in the height of the chocolate we will be able to detect.

Are you able to give me these values without testing?
I calculated these values, but I would like to confirm it with Mech-mind specialists.
Can you show me the calculation method?

Hi, Tobi.
You can refer to the curve in this figure to know the relationship between the resolution of the camera and the working distance.

This figure does not distinguish between DX, DY, and DZ, but the trend is same.
The trend is due to the fact that 2D camera pixels are fixed regardless of the working distance. At different working distances, the distance represented by each pixel is different.

In addition, temperature can affect Z-direction accuracy. Pls refer to this post.

The technical specifications of the camera can be found in the user manual and can also be downloaded via this link.

BTW, I must remind you that capture from a height of three meters are not recommended for high-precision application.
It is recommended that you choose the right camera according to your needs, such as the high-precision Pro series, and the LNX series for online inspection.