3D Matching Optimal Strategy

An Optimal Strategy for 3D Matching:

  • use edge matching for coarse location, followed by surface matching for fine location.

  • Select only those parts of the workpiece point cloud for 3D model that have the most distinct features, as well as consistent and strong characteristics.

  • Ensure the scene and the template are as consistent as possible

Case Share:

  1. Use edge matching to locate the position of the workpiece.

  2. Map multiple gripping points onto curved surfaces of the workpiece.

  3. Extract the corresponding curved surface point clouds.

  4. proceed with “3D fine matching”.

Additionally, for all projects, it is required to conduct repeatability accuracy tests of matching by utilizing Step “Check Pose Repeatability by Statistics”.

The recommended optimal repeatability accuracy values for the Pros camera, when taking photos at a distance of 1 meter, are: translational values for XYZ less than 0.1mm, and rotational values less than 0.1°.
as per the following range.

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