Troubleshooting Mech-Center: "No module named 'xxxxx'" error


In Mech-Center, the Log or the interface displays No module named ‘xxxxx’.

Possible reason

A certain Python package is missing.


For versions earlier than 1.6.0 (excluding 1.6.0):

  1. Open the command prompt (cmd).
  2. Type “pip uninstall xxxx” and press Enter.
  3. Then, enter “pip install xxxx” to reinstall the package. Refer to the screenshot below:

For versions later than 1.6.0 (including 1.6.0):

  1. Open the “Python” directory in Mech-Center installation directory. In the directory bar, type “cmd” and press Enter.
  2. Type .\python.exe -m pip uninstall xxxx and press Enter to uninstall the package.
  3. Type .\python.exe -m pip install xxxx and press Enter to install, as shown in the screenshot below:

After installation, restart the software and the problem will be resolved.