Loading failure of the robot frontend program to YASKAWA robot


When following the Manual for Setting up Standard Interface Communication with YASKAWA to load the Standard Interface program files to the robot, an error message displays: ERROR 3220: Syntax error in instruction data [58] (J:mm_sample L:0010).

Possible cause

The robot’s axis configuration in the program files does not match the actual configuration of the robot.


  1. Back up a program file (JBI file) from the robot on the site.

  2. Open the backup program file and Mech-Mind program file (JBI file) with Notepad++ for comparison.
    For example, as shown in the figure below.

    It can be observed that the axis configuration in the on-site program on the left has an additional external axis compared to the Mech-Mind program. To load the program successfully, you need to copy the axis configuration information in the on-site program to replace the axis configuration information in the Mech-Mind standard interface program.

  3. Save the modifications in Notepad++ with ANSI encoding format.

  4. Modify all the standard interface programs (JBI program files) as instructed above, then re-load them to the on-site robot.