Table of Calibration Board Models for Camera Extrinsic Calibration by Camera Model

Purpose of extrinsic parameter calibration

The main objective of calibrating the extrinsic parameters of a 3D camera is to ensure the camera can accurately capture the three-dimensional information of objects in the scene and correctly map it to the world reference frame. This enables accurate three-dimensional locating of objects. Accurate extrinsic parameters enable the camera to accurately track and estimate the poses of objects in the scene, such as rotation and translation, providing reliable support for various vision tasks.

Choosing a calibration board of proper dimensions can improve the accuracy and stability of calibration. Both the cameraโ€™s field of view and image resolution are criteria for selecting the calibration board. Please refer to the table below for specific guidelines on how to choose.

Recommended calibration board models

For V4&V5 cameras

Camera Model Using Distance(mm) Recommended calibration board model
UHP 300ยฑ20 OCB-5
NANO 300โ€“600 CGB-20
NANO ULTRA 400โ€“800 CGB20
PRO XS 300โ€“600 CGB-20
PRO S 500โ€“800 CGB-20
PRO S 800โ€“1000 CGB-35
PRO M 1000โ€“1500 CGB-35
PRO M 1500โ€“2000 CGB-50
LSR S 500โ€“1000 CGB-35
LSR S 1000โ€“1500 CGB-50
LSR L 1200โ€“3000 CGB-50
DEEP 1200โ€“3500 CGB-50

For V3 cameras

Camera model Using Distance(mm) Recommended calibration board model
Log S 500โ€“800 CGB-20
Log S 800โ€“1000 CGB-35
Log M 1000โ€“1500 CGB-35
Log M 1500โ€“2000 CGB-50
Laser L Enhanced 1500โ€“3000 CGB-50
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