Delayed camera capturing in SDK project using UHP camera

In an Mech-Eye sensor integration testing, a customer encountered the following problem:

The RGB data returned by captureColorMap or capturePointXYZBGRMap methods appears to be from the previous sensor scan, regardless of the time elapsed between two captures. This problem does not occur with XYZ data.

Here are the details related to the problem:


The problem you reported involves a discrepancy between the 2D image obtained using the captureColorMap interface and the real-time status.

Upon importing the JSON file you provided into Mech-Eye Viewer, it is apparent that you have set the “Exposure Mode” in 2D Parameters to “Flash”. In this mode, the 2D image is acquired from the 3D image generated data. Consequently, without obtaining the 3D image, the 2D image will not update, leading to the mismatch between the acquired 2D image and the real-time status.

Solution: Set the “Exposure Mode” in the 2D parameters to “Timed” or obtain the 3D image before acquiring the 2D image.