Solve Grip Accuracy Issues After Setting Robot's Sixth Axis to a Fixed Orientation

For instance, when handling symmetrical workpieces using the teaching method to minimize the issues of tangling hoses and cycle time caused by the six-axis robot rotation, it is necessary to fix the robot’s orientation for gripping. However, when a fixed orientation is set within the Mech-Vision project, grip accuracy becomes a concern.

To simultaneously ensure accuracy and fixed grip direction, you can utilize the “geocenter” of the workpiece. After “3D Coarse Matching,” correct the gripping point’s orientation, then utilize “3D Fine Matching” to ensure precision. Subsequently, map the “geocenter point” to the “teaching pickpoint”.

Does the geocenter point need to be precisely in the middle? Otherwise, if there is a rotation around RZ axis, will there be deviations based on the angle when using mapping?

  1. The geocenter point does not need to be precisely at the exact center. When adjusting it within the “Matching Model and Pick Point Editor”, it should appear reasonably centered to the naked eye. The"3D Fine Matching" step after “3D Coarse Matching” step ensures both matching accuracy and gripping precision.
  2. If you employ the “teaching method” and perform angle correction after “3D Fine Matching”, the phenomenon you described may occur.