Is there an explanatory document related to the hand-eye calibration result?

Do the camera calibration result only require the following two files for intrinsic and extrinsic parameters?
Is there an explanatory document for these two files? I need them for simulation purposes.

I am currently using a virtual camera in the simulation environment, I need to manually set these parameters.

Yes, there is.

For details, see this post

Calibration mainly involves the intrinsic and extrinsic parameter sets. The extrinsic parameter set is calculated and its corresponding situations are as follows:

Note: Parameters vary for different camera models; avoid using unnecessary ones.

So I need to ask you what camera model you use.

I am using a virtual camera in the UE4 environment, and by calibration, I obtained the intrinsic parameters of the camera as follows:

The position of the camera in the base reference frame is:

Can these parameters meet the requirements for computing the raw data of the intrinsic and extrinsic parameter table?

It is basically sufficient. For the “segment_params”, “layer_ini_depth”, “layer_interval”, and “region_size” in the extrinsic parameters, you can supplement them based on actual data. The specific meanings of each parameter are as follows:

“segment_params”: the image size of the depth map.
“layer_ini_depth”: the position of #Layer0 in the camera’s field of view.
“layer_interval”: the distance between adjacent layers.
“region_size”: the size of each planar region.