Abnormal running time of Mech-Vision and solution

When open Mech-Center and Mech-Vision at the same time, the Mech-Vision project will take more time than normal or stuck at some step.
However, when just open Mech-Vision and run the same project, the time cost is normal.

  • What is the solution for this problem?
  • What is the reason for such a problem?


The compatibility property configuration for Mech-Center and Mech-Vision will cause such problem.
If the Software running at compatibility model, it will call other dll files which are related to compatibility model to slow down software running.


Please make sure Mech-Vision is not running at compatible mode.
The configuration instructions are as shown below:

If the running time problem still exists after unchecking the compatibility mode options, please contact Mech-Mind stuff for remote checking.