Maximum supported rail speed of Mech-Eye 3D Laser Profiler

The highest supported guide rail speed of the laser profiler is mainly related to the encoder resolution and interval time settings.

Formula: Optimal trigger interval (s) = Point cloud y-axis resolution (mm) / Encoder pulse equivalent (mm).

For example, if the encoder resolution is 1000 with 4 signal channels, meaning 1000 pulses are generated per millimeter and 250 pulses are emitted from each channel. Assuming the laser profiler’s point cloud y-axis resolution is set to 23.5μm (current reference value) for optimal display, and the encoder pulse equivalent is 1/250 = 0.004mm, the optimal trigger interval time would be set to 0.023mm / 0.004mm ≈ 6s.

Formula: Highest speed (mm/s) = Maximum frame rate (Hz) / (Encoder resolution (PPM) / Number of signal channels * Optimal trigger interval (s)).

For example, considering the current reference value of the laser profiler’s maximum frame rate is 15kHz, and using the encoder mentioned above as an example with a trigger interval of 6s, the calculation would be 15000Hz / 250 * 6 = 360mm/s. Therefore, the speed is 60mm/s. Hence, this encoder can be applied to the laser profiler with a maximum speed of 360mm/s. Please adjust the settings according to your specific requirements.

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