Indicator light status in structured light cameras

1. Introduction to camera indicator lights

Camera indicator lights provide a straightforward way to visually assess the camera’s current status, indicating whether it is functioning correctly or if there are potential issues. This helps in determining the camera’s condition, providing guidance for troubleshooting camera-related problems.

2. Camera indicator lights and meanings


Name Function Meaning Related issue
PWR Off Not connected to power Power supply
PWR Green Normal voltage Normal status
PWR Yellow Abnormal voltage, but system is still functioning External power supply connection issues
PWR Red Voltage too high or too low, system power is disconnected Power supply voltage
LINK Off Not connected to network Network disconnection
LINK Blinking green Data being transmitted Normal status
LINK Solid green No ongoing data transmission Normal status
SYS Off System not started Wait for a while
SYS Solid green System starting up If the system is in a startup state continuously, there is a potential issue
SYS Blinking green System operating properly Normal status
SYS Blinking yellow System operating with error but still functioning Issues with unstable voltage and the temperature is approaching the specified maximum or minimum
SYS Blinking red System not operating Further analysis is needed to pinpoint and address the issue
SCAN Off Not capturing or processing Normal status
SCAN Solid Capturing and processing in progress Normal capturing and processing

3. Indicator light status in normal conditions

Name Status in normal conditions
PWR Solid green
LINK Blinking green
SYS Blinking green
SCAN Off; blinks when capturing
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