Can Mech-Mind software control Robotiq gripper directly?

I want to build a demo with Mech-Mind software. The robot is UR and gripper is Robotiq Hand-E gripper. Can Mech-Mind control the UR robot and Robotiq Hand-E gripper directly by master control?

Mech-Mind can control the UR robot by master control, but can not control Robotiq Hand-E gripper directly by master control.

The Robotiq Hand-E gripper

The Robotiq Hand-E gripper is powered and controlled directly via a single device cable that carries a 24V DC supply and Modbus RTU communication over RS-485.

Master-Control communication

The Mech-Mind Vision System and the robot constitute a master/slave control or communication model after you load the monitoring program to the robot or remotely control the robot. In this communication model, the Mech-Mind Vision System functions as the master device, sending commands, while the robot functions as the slave device, performing tasks according to the commands received from the master device.

This communication mode supports communication only with the robot. When this communication mode is used, a dedicated communication channel is established between the Mech-Mind Vision System and the robot through the Master-Control program running on the robot or the robot’s software development kit (SDK).
Detailed info about communication with Mech-Mind software can be found in this link below.