How to determine the orientation of an object

When the orientation of placing a workpiece needs to be fixed, determining the orientation of an object can depend on various factors.

The correspondence between the TCP (Tool Center Point) and the workpiece gripping point is as follows: The X and Z axes have opposite directions, while the Y axis remains the same. This can be used to determine the orientation of the object. Additionally, in Mech-Viz, you can determine this through teaching fixed points.

When you enable workpiece symmetry, it may affect the orientation of the workpiece during placement. Therefore, it’s not recommended to enable “Workobject Symmetry” for workpieces that don’t have symmetry. However, fixture symmetry will not affect the orientation during placement.

Furthermore, if you must use workpiece symmetry, you’ll need to enable the “Ignore Workobject Symmetry” parameter in the “fixed-point move” step in Mech-Viz.