Fail Connection with Kuka Robot

I faced an issue that connecting the robot in Mech Center, the error message shows “The robot burn-in program version is not up to date”, but I have input the latest version program from Mech Centre. I have tested to ping the robot and it shows connected.

You may refer to the following image:-

The software that currently use is Mech-Mind Software Suite 1.7.4. Is there any way to solve this issue?

Have you previously redone the burn-in process? If not, the reason for this issue might be that you didn’t perform the burn-in process for the new version.

You can locate this file in the root directory of Mech-Center: “your mech-mind file \Mech-Mind Software Suite-1.7.4\Mech-Center\Robot_Server\Robot_FullControl\kuka\kuka_new”.

After that, you will need to re-flash it into the robot.

Yes, I have redone the burn-in process few days ago. It worked fine as well few days ago.
This issue only happens today. I only can resolve this issue when I rebooting the robot controller.
May I know what is the possible cause for this issue?

Could you send us the robotserver log file of today when the error happened.
The log file locates in your mech-mind file \Mech-Mind Software Suite-1.7.4\Mech-Center\Robot_Server\logs