"Error 1001:Mech-Vision project not registered" common causes and solutions

The Mech-Vision project had been set to autoloaded, but the message “Project not registered”appeared in Mech-Center. Additionally, when the Standard Interface program was used for triggering, the same message indicating that the project was not registered also appeared.

Possible Causes

  1. The “Procedure Out” Step was not added to the project.
  2. The software was in the Developer mode and the same project or solution was opened in multiple software.
  3. Mech-Center was hung due to unexpected reasons.


  1. Please add a “Procedure Out” Step in the project.

  2. Go to the menu bar of Mech-Vision, click “Settings”, select “Options”, and disable “Developer mode.”

  3. Open the Task Manager and check if any following programs are running in the background. If so, right-click on the program and select “End task.” Then, restart the software.
    For more information, see the status codes and troubleshooting section in documentation.