How can we verify the actual TCP position?

The gripper/vaccum used on-site differ from the STL models. Adding a TCP (Tool Center Point) in Mech-Viz results in an offset. How can we confirm that the real grippers match the STL models? If there’s a mismatch, it could lead to collision detection failure and TCP errors. This can result in a situation where Mech-Viz displays the grasp points correctly, but there is always an offset in actual grasping.

The TCP settings in Mech-Viz should be synchronized after TCP calibration on the robot side. It is not recommended to use numerical modeling for TCP calibration in Mech-Viz.

For the validation of gripper models against actual models:

  • In ETH mode: You can use “Send Point Cloud to Viz” to send the gripper’s point cloud to Mech-Viz, while synchronizing the robot’s pose. Check whether the model in Mech-Viz aligns with its corresponding point cloud. You can capture images of the gripper from various angles under the camera to compare and verify.
  • In EIH mode: Currently, there is no method available to compare the actual gripper model with the STL model.

If there is significant disparity between the actual gripper/vaccum and the STL model, it is recommended to either create a new STL model or make appropriate modifications to the existing model.