Having error when I change calibration file

Capture Images from Camera_1: Error: The current calibration method is EIH, and the robot pose cannot be obtained. Solution: 1. If Mech-Vision is started independently, please click “Robot and Communication” in the menu bar and check if the robot model set in “Robot and Interface Configuration” is the same as the “Robot Service Name” of this Step. 2. If Mech-Center is started, please check if the “Robot Service Name” of this Step is the same as the robot service name registered in Mech-Center. 3. Please check if the robot installation package file is in the Robot Library of the software resources.

I recently updated from 1.6.1 to 1.7.4.
I start a Mech Center in Standard interface, I chose robot UR UR_5E, and then go to Mech Vision to build a project, at the very beginning of the project, on the capture image step, when I set up camera and calibration file. However, if I run the step with default calibration file, it runs no problem, however, I went through calibration and created new calibration file, when I choose new calibration file, I get and error in the image capture step.

My camera is Nano and our set up is Eye in Hand

This is a normal phenomenon in Eye in Hand mode. In the Eye in Hand mode, you need to trigger the Mech-Vision project within your robot program. (At least once after starting the Mech-Vision)

Reason for the issue: In Eye in Hand mode, the camera moves with the robot. To obtain the object pose, the camera needs to know the current state of the robot’s flange pose and then use calibration data for calculations. If you don’t trigger Mech-Vision using the robot program, the camera won’t have access to the current flange pose of the robot, which is necessary for calculations. As a result, an error occurs.

Additional note: If you triggered the Mech-Vision project by using the robot program, but the error still persists, please ensure to check if the “Robot service name in Mech-Center” field in the “capture image from camera” step is filled with the exact same robot model that you are using. Any discrepancies could lead to this error.