Point Cloud Adjustment for Highly Reflective Scenes in Deep Baskets

For the bin-picking project involving deep basket grasping, issues such as workpiece reflection, basket reflection, excessive point cloud noise, and incorrect workpiece height in the point cloud are present. How should the point cloud be optimized?

To address workpiece reflection, adjust the camera’s 3D exposure parameters. The main approach involves multiple exposures, reducing projection light intensity, slightly tilting the camera installation, and appropriately shielding ambient light.

Reflection on the walls of the basket is typically caused by multiple reflections within the walls. This occurs when the projected light reflects off the basket walls and then reflects onto the workpiece’s surface, affecting the normal stripe sequence on the workpiece. This distortion or loss of workpiece point cloud can be mitigated by elevating the camera height (within an appropriate depth of field), shifting the camera position, obstructing or covering the basket walls, or using a dual-camera setup.

Regarding the reflectivity of the workpiece itself, see In the situation where metal parts are neatly arranged in a full basket, how should high-reflectivity metal point clouds be processed?