How do I confirm that I am calling the camera exposure parameter set that I want in Mech-Vision?

I have saved many exposure parameter sets in my Mech-Eye Viewer, but how do I confirm that the current Vision project is calling the parameter set that I want?

  1. In the Vision project, click on the step ‘Capture images from Camera’, then click on the step parameters column on the right.

  2. Next, click with the right mouse button in the blank area of the step parameters column and select “Show All Parameter Groups”. A window titled “Camera Configuration Parameter Groups” will appear.

  3. In this window, select the parameter group that you want from the drop-down menu.

  • Note that if no parameter group is selected, the default will be the last parameter group that you saved and set in the Mech-Eye Viewer. Typically, the exposure parameter groups used for calibration are different from those needed for identifying workpieces.