Proper Step for Auto White Balance on Camera

I discovered a parameter to do the white balancing settings on the camera, but may I know the proper step to run the auto white balance function? As for my current image, the image result colour is greenish instead of white colour.


Due to the difference light condition, it’s necessary to adjust camera white balance before data collection or build vision project.

To adjust the camera white balance, put a white A4 paper under camera view field, go to Mech-Eye/Left top menu/Tool/Check and Configure 2D Cameras, change the white balance to once and apply.

On Mech-Vision, there is not a step to auto adjust the data white balance. Thus, please make sure adjust white balance by Mech-Eye first.

Thanks for the explanation.

For putting a white A4 paper under the camera view field, do I need to crop the ROI of the A4 region, or is it okay if, inside the camera view field, there is another foreign object included as long as there is a white A4 paper to do the white balance?

Hello, you don’t need to crop the ROI for the white balance setting. However, ensure that the white paper covers at least 80% of the camera’s field of view (FOV). When adjusting the white balance, it’s preferable to have no other distractions within the field of view.

Hi. Thanks for the explanation. I will try to do the white balance based on your guide.