Any Mechmind model can be used in high temperature enviorment?


  1. Do Mechmind have any product model can sustain high temperature environment?
    Or we have to fabricate some special housing to protect the 3D device?

  2. Any usecase of mechmind product is related to 3D printing? Not providing 3D model for printing, is for monitoring the printing process.


Hello. Thank you for choosing Mech-Mind.

Most cameras can be operated in environments temperature from 0-45°C. You can find detailed information on the product page: Mech-Eye Industrial 3D Cameras | Mech-Mind Robotics. For higher temperature environments you will need to add a protective case or additional cooling devices.

For your 3D printing requirements, could you provide some more details about it?

Object: defect detection during 3D printing
Defect size: around 0.5mm
If the working distance is around 1 meter, any model can detect detect such size defect?

We’re very sorry, but we don’t have products that match your description at this time. If your working distance can be lower, e.g. below 300mm, the UHP-140 camera may be able to meet your accuracy needs.