Why can't I obtain a depth image from Mech-Eye Viewer?

The content displayed in the Depth Map window is as shown in the figure, but the 2D image appears normal.

The problem of occasional occurrence of the issue in the NANO camera and its possible causes and solutions are as follows:

Solution: Power off the camera, disconnect the power source, and wait for about 30 seconds before powering it back on.


  1. Unstable power supply: Check if the camera is using an adapter; usually, an adapter power supply is more stable compared to the power supply from the guide rail.

  2. Camera sharing power interface with other high-power devices: When other devices start suddenly, the camera’s power supply may decrease abruptly, leading to the shutdown of the optical machine controller. It is recommended to start high-power devices first and then the camera.

  3. Check if the power supply is grounded: If the power supply is not grounded, it can also result in unstable power supply.