If I use the standard interface to connect vision system to the robot or the PLC, can I still use the Mech-Viz software to do the collision detection?

I have a project requirement to connect two robots to an industrial PC and a vision system. I’d like to know if the Mech-Viz software can connect the two robots simultaneously.

Yes, we can. In our standard interface, you can retrieve data from Mech-Vision software and Mech-Viz software.
The standard command 205 is used to obtain the planned path from Mech-Viz. We can check the movement to avoid collisions before sending data to the robot, and the robot side simply sends the 205 command to retrieve the data.
If the Mech-Mind software detects a collision before moving, we will send an alarm to the robot side. You can check the status codes and troubleshooting information on this website:
Status Codes and Troubleshooting.