Calibration distances and RGB Info

Can we add the information about the possible camera calibration distanced for each camera as well as the option RGB/monochrom in the technical specifications?

You can find the relevant information in our camera’s serial number.
Example: KA C07 21CA 200 E023
KA: Product serial string
C07: C-Color camera, 07-Working distance 700mm. Some special distances: 0A-50mm/0B-150mm/0C-250mm
21CA: Camera manufacturing date
200: Hardware version
E023: Serial number

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Hi Coco, thanks for the answer. We will add such information to docs.

Thank you. Good to know. Could we add this possible options to the technical specifications anyway? So we and customers can use this information to order the right camera.

Yes! We will add this information to our public document.