Why is Mech-Vision unable to produce output results?

Why is Mech-Vision unable to produce output results now? It was working fine yesterday. The project utilizes 3D matching

There are several possible reasons why Mech-Vision is unable to produce output results. First, check if the input data is correct. Ensure that the input images or data meet the requirements for 3D matching and that no unexpected changes have occurred.

Second, verify if the parameter settings for the 3D matching algorithm are correct. Check if any incorrectly configured parameters are causing the inability to generate results. Ensure that the algorithm parameters are consistent with the ones used when it was previously functioning properly. If the point cloud preprocessing steps are functioning correctly, then check if the threshold parameters for 3D fine matching are appropriate. Sometimes, if the threshold for 3D fine matching is set too high, it may not produce any output results.

Additionally, check for any hardware or software issues. Ensure that the devices being used are functioning properly.

Lastly, examine the logs or error messages for further clues about the problem. They may provide more detailed information on why the results cannot be produced.

If the above steps do not resolve the issue, further debugging or troubleshooting may be required to determine the specific cause.