What should I do if the current camera field of view is insufficient?

Currently, we intend to temporarily incorporate tray recognition using our camera. However, the camera’s field of view does not cover the entire tray. Is it still possible to achieve tray recognition and picking?

Yes, it is possible. Here are two approaches:

  1. If the tray has a distinct feature region that is unlikely to change, you can utilize 3D matching. Use ‘Map to Multiple Pick Points’ to map the geometric center point of the template match to the actual picking point and output the result.

  2. If there are no prominent feature regions on the tray, you can capture multiple photos using the camera. Save the point cloud obtained from each photo and combine them to obtain a complete point cloud for the tray. This method may require multiple Mech Vision projects for capturing photos from different positions, and it may affect the workflow pace. If high accuracy is required, the effect of merging point clouds needs to be verified.