TM_5_900 Error code 4 after I send DO list to robot

After I send DO list to robot this problem happen it Error code 4 timeout 1000 ms
But when I ping robot in cmd ping time is less than 1 ms Some time this problem happen and some time it bot happen

The process of pinging the network directly through CMD is different from triggering the signal through Mech-Viz.

Pinging through CMD is a direct call to the physical address of the computer, using the network card to pack the signal to the robot via the network cable, and the general response speed mainly depends on the transmission speed of the network cable.

In contrast, the process from triggering the signal through Mech-Viz to the robot DO response is more complicated. First Mech-Viz transmits the DO signal to the RobotServer, and RobotServer uses TCP/IP communication protocol to transmit the DO signal from the IPC side to the robot side; then the robot side uses the socket program to receive the DO signal and controls the robot to trigger the corresponding board card signal. The whole process is not only limited by the transmission speed of the network cable, but also by the TCP/IP protocol interaction and the processing of the program, etc.

But the response time should not exceed 1000ms, you will need to troubleshoot specific errors.

How to increase 1000ms to 3000 ms?

After I increase limit time to 5000 ms next problem happen it error code 2 exception calling application:time out

If this problem is incidental, the most likely reason is that the robot didn’t provide feedback signals to our software. You need to check if the robot actually gives us feedback signals when the DO signal is sent.