Replace solid-state drive (SSD) for IPCK industrial personal computer (IPC)


Remove the older SSD

  1. Loosen screws holding the stand: Reverse the IPC and loosen 6 screws holding the stand.

  2. Loosen screws holding the backplate: After dismantling the stand, loosen 6 screws holding the backplate.

  3. Remove the older SSD: After dismantling the backplate, find the older SSD, and loosen screws holding it.

  4. Pull out the older SSD: After loosening screws holding the older SSD, it makes a 45-degree angle with the mainboard. Pull it out at this angle.

Install a new SSD

  1. Insert the new SSD: Refer to the step Pull out the older SSD, insert the new SSD at a 45-degree angle, and tighten screws holding the new SSD.

  2. Mount the backplate and the stand: Refer to the part Remove the older SSD in this post to mount the backplate and the stand.