Information about Focal Length and horizontal/vertical aperture of our Cameras

Do we have informations regarding the Focal Length as well as the horizontal/vertical aperture of our cameras?
To be more specific it is a Pro S Enhanced 700 C

Hello Patrick,

I am discussing it with the camera R&D team to find a way to include the info the camera materials.

Hello Patrick;

Usually, you can check the instrinsic parameter accuracy by using Mech-Eye Viewer and calibration board.

Through this method, you can know the error of the instrinsic parameter, like Focal Length.
Our inspection standard for Pro S Enhanced 700C canera by using OCB-20 calibration board is:
Distance Error Median value< 0.30%
Distance Error Max. value<0.60%

Considering LSR-L, which has two “Object focal distance” (1500mm and 3000mm); Is it possible to verify the object focal distance from serial number or any other way?

Hi ozzdemir
Determining the camera’s focusing distance based on its serial number is not can refer to the link for more information.

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