Mech-Eye SDK 2.3.4 has been released, improving point cloud quality for LSR series cameras in reflective deep bin scenarios and enhancing the operational stability of LNX series laser profilers!

Mech-Eye Industrial 3D Camera

After the firmware of LSR S and LSR L is upgraded to 2.3.4, a new Processing Mode parameter is available when Fringe Coding Mode is set to Reflective. This new parameter is used to select different data processing mode.
For scenarios with complex reflective conditions, such as a bin whose walls often cause interreflection, it is recommended to use the More complete option to guarantee data quality.

Mech-Eye 3D Laser Profiler

In Mech-Eye Viewer, the display of temperature has been added to the Acquisition info tab, so that you can monitor the heat-dissipation situation of the controller and sensor head conveniently.
Additionally, this version addresses previously known logic and functionality issues, significantly enhancing product stability. Future domestic and international shipments will be standardized to this version.

Release Notes

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