Turn Off Mech-Viz Collision with EOAT

Hi all,

I am having erroneous collision detection trips and have 2 questions as below. Specifically I believe the trip is happening between the EOAT and Robot. The robot can make the move. I tried changing the collision model to nothing, but for some reason that drastically altered the pose I got. I need the EOATs as they have pose offsets for my tool’s TCPs.

  1. How do I shutoff collision detection, or at least bypass it in Mech-Viz entirely.
  • I have all the options selected that I can find to turn off and it’s still faulting out on a simulated move that my robot has no problem conducting. It’s probably faulting due to something in my Mech-Viz code, but I just want to turn it off for now until I fix other issues not related to Mech-Mind.
  1. When I read a collision detect log, where is the collision happening?

For example relative_move_2->Vision_Move_6. Does this mean the simulation got to relative_move_2 position, but there was an anticipated fault on the way to Vision_move_6? If this is the case then don’t I need to turn off collision detection on Vision_move_6 only?

(I currently have been shutting it off on all moves in my attempt to find what is causing it)


Hi, Peter

  1. from your description, I suspect the error is due to a collision between the EOAT and the robot model. The collision detection between these two objects is enabled by default and cannot be turned off.

    I suggest you adjust the waypoint positions to avoid collisions between the EOAT and the robot.

  2. You are correct. But the collision switch set in the step properties is for checking collisions between any object and the placed workpiece/point cloud. It is not related to the collision between the EOAT and the robot model.

Thanks Haochen,

I found a waypoint I was accidentally sending which gave the very weird poses. I was able to build a small EOAT collision model and send it meters away. This bypassed the errors while I was troubleshooting my other code.