Camera model NANO ULTRA is now in mass production, featuring a new all-in-one package with built-in cables!

Mech-Eye NANO ULTRA Industrial 3D Camera is now in mass production. Welcome to order and use it!

Product information: Mech-Eye NANO ULTRA Industrial 3D Camera

Newly upgraded packaging

NANO ULTRA will come in an all-in-one package with built-in cables. The standard package contains the camera, accessory bag, user manual, DC power cable, and Ethernet cable (20 meters long with elbow cable).

:warning: The necessary cables are provided in the standard all-in-one package. If you require cables of different lengths or specifications, please purchase them separately.
:warning: The calibration board and the DIN rail power supply are not included. Please purchase these items as needed.

More than one object focal distances available for more needs

The NANO ULTRA camera is available with two object focal distances to fulfill different needs. Please choose based on your specific requirements.

Object focal distance 350mm 700mm
Field of view

:information_source: For more technical specifications, please refer to the datasheet.