Mech-Vision generate an upside down point cloud data


This maybe a very noob question, am still in the process of learning the technology. I am using the Vis_Mixed_Case_Cartons_V2 and modified some parameters and values but once I run it, the produced 3d cloud points was upside down like in the picture below

I hope you could help me how to fix this, I know this is not an error but I think I am missing a modification?

Thank you for your help.


  • Version 1.8.2 Mech-Vision, Mech-Viz, Mech-Eye Viewer
  • Camera model and firmware version = Mech-Eye Pro M Enhanced/2.3.2
  • No physical robot model

Possible reasons are that the point cloud sent are under the camera reference frame or the camera has not been calibrated.

Thanks for your response, I will look into that specially on the camera not being calibrated correctly. Can I ask a question again, this time is different, I don’t want to create a new thread for this question and flag your forum with my questions, so, I hope it’s ok with you to ask a new question in this thread.

I have a solution that was made in Mech-Vision version 1.6.1 and after I installed the latest version which is 1.8.2, everytime I open the project in the latest version of Mech-Vision, a popup window is always showing up that says “To use the project as vision service, please add Step “Procedure Out”.”, after clicking the ok button, the Mech-Vision software shows up but it’s empty. Is there a way to fix that? It is kind of strange because, before I can open it without any problem and without this popup window but suddenly I don’t what happened, it started acting like this.

I really appreciate your help.

Yes, the project needs a “Procedure Out”.

Please see the docs for usage:

Yes I know it needs the “Procedure Out” step but the solution that was made in version 1.6.1 has it already. The steps are complete and if I open the project in mech-vision version 1.6.1, it opens up without having the warning error that tells me to add a “Procedure Out”. However, if I open it up in mech-vision version 1.8.2, that’s when am having this warning like I needed to add the step “Procedure Out”.

The situation is like this, open the solution in mech-vision 1.8.2 that is already made from version 1.6.1 but I am having the warning that says please add a “Procedure Out” step popup window. Upon clicking the ok button from the popup window, the mech-vision software will show up but the solution is empty although the project is shown in the Project List. I hope I made my self clear. I wanna ask why the solution is empty in version 1.8.2 while it’s opposite in version 1.6.1 where I can see the whole solution?

The concept of ‘solution’ was introduced starting from version Mech-Vision 1.7.0, it does not exist in Mech-Vision 1.6.1