Reflections & used Camera on UHP Cam

i recently tested the UHP Camera. I tried to capture a point cloud of an piston and had some trouble with reflections on one side of the piston. While searching for an solution i noticed, that the point cloud is only gatherd from one camera. For me it looks like the camera has one projector in the middle and two cameras on the sides. If i cover the right camera i still get a point cloud, if i cover the left camera i dont get one. Is this normal?
Thanks in advance,

Hello, it is normal as you choose the mode as “Camera 1”
If you choose the mode as “Camera 2” then you are only using the right camera to reconstruct the point cloud.

Thanks for the answer. Where can i switch between Camera 1 and 2?
Is there an Option to obtain the point cloud with both cameras and to merge them?

Once you set the visibility as “Guru”, you could select the Capture Mode. When you use “Merge” mode, you get the merged results from two views.

Hey, thank you, this increases the quality signifiquantly. Hard to find without knockledge of the guru mode.