Cannot find laser profiler by running enumerateMechEyeDeviceList during secondary development of LNX


When conducting secondary development on the LNX laser profiler, and running enumerateMechEyeDeviceList, the laser profiler cannot be found, and the qDebug output is 0.

The code for searching the laser profiler is shown in the screenshot below.

The laser profiler is directly connected to the computer, and the IP addresses are in the same network segment.


First, confirm whether the examples under the Mech-Eye SDK\API\samples\c++\source\LNX path can run normally. If they do, try connecting directly to the laser profiler IP. For specific instructions, please refer to How to connect to a camera via its IP address using Mech-Eye API.

For communication issues with the Mech-Eye API, please refer to FAQ: Using Mech-Eye API.