The number of joints (6) does not match the DoF (4)

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  • Software version (Mech-Vision, Mech-Viz, Mech-Eye Viewer)
    1.8.2 vis : 1.8.2 viz
  • Camera model and firmware version
    Mech Eye Pro S
  • Robot model
  • Description (phenomena, details, ways to reproduce the problem)

I tried to synchronize the Epson Scara robot to the Viz Mech, but a warning appeared as below.

“The robot JPs data (0.785398, 1.047203, -0.015000, 0.017462, 0.000000, 0.000000) sent from Mech-Center is incorrect. The number of joints (6) does not match the DoF (4) of the robot “EPSON_LS6_B602S” currently in use.”

Hi Ashadi,
For EPSON scara type robot, we have not tested with Mech-Viz master control. We only support controlling ESPON 6-axis robot now.