Measure dimension the length, height, and width of an object displayed in mm

Currently, I am doing a project with mech-mind to measure dimension the length, height, and width of the model. Do you have a sample project or solution using step library to help me solve this problem?

I have read your topic “How to Measure Object Dimensions in Mech-Vision Project” but I don’t quite understand how to implement it. Can you give me a sample project or a more specific solution?

Hi, Datly, please find the ‘Quality Inspection’ category in the solution library of Mech-Vision software as shown below and see if there are any sample projects that can help with your project. Let us know if this doesn’t help.

Thanks so much. Let me see if those samples are not suitable for the problem I want to solve. If not, I hope you can give me a solution or a project sample for measuring length, height, and width of model object.