How to stop Autostart on our IPC, when power is reapplied after power loss

After setting “Restore on AC Power loss: Power Off” in BIOS, somehow the IPC still autostarts after power is reapplied. Could it be, that a jumper is built into the IPC? Was tested with a Standard IPC.

Hi Patrick, can you tell us what type of IPC you were using and provide us with the screenshot of setting it in BIOS, so we can have a further investigation, thanks.

Thanks for the info. On the IPC circuit board, there is an AT/ATX switch. It is currently in the ATX mode, which means automatic power-up is enabled. If you need to disable it, you need to switch to the AT mode.

To switch to the AT mode, you need to remove the IPC rear cover, and then on the circuit board, insert the PIN needle into the position as shown in the figure below.