Sort Poses by Label

im sorting my pickpoints by labels (first convert to number, then sort by input score and afterwards sort the corresponding offsets ff). The sorting:

In the path planning (attached picture) a pickpoint with label “3” is planned after a pickpoint with label “10”.
Do you know this problem?

Hi Magnus,
please note two things.

  1. Sort Poses By Input Scores is per default in Descending order, so make sure that you change this setting to Ascending if you want the poses with labels 3 come before poses of label 10.
  2. Note that the evaluation process if an object can be picked collision free is a two phase proocess:

Phase 1 (can be done very fast):

  • Generate all pick point variants from the symmetry and gripper settings
  • Calculate robot pose for all pick point variations at the pick point
  • Check if the poses have a point cloud collision
  • Succeding poses (no collision) go into phse 2

Phase 2:

  • For all collision free robot poses check if the path from and to the pick is collision free for the complete path

Therefore, if you look at the planning history it can happen that you see the planning fail for label 3, then label 10 and then label 3 again etc… This is because once a pose fails it is immediately printed to the log console. Lets assume that all poses with label 3 have a collision free pick pose and all of label 10 do not. Then you would see that in the log console it appears that first all poses of label 10 were evaluated and only afterwards the poses with label 3, However, this is not the case. The poses with labels 3 progressed to phase 2 and the poses with labels 10 failed in phase 1 already and were therefore already printed to the log console.

Thanks for the answer! Now it makes sense for me.