Use MechMind Status Codes with Fanuc CRX Plugin

Used Robot: Fanuc CRX20 Softwareversion 1.7.0
Standard Interface with MechMind Plugin on the Fanuc CRX

i use the MechMind Plugin on the Fanuc CRX to communicate with the Vision System.
The Programm first triggers MechViz & sets an Branch according to the current needs.
Lately the Problem occurs, that i get the error: “Viz not started yet” on the robot, when the Robot tries to set the branch. In the Programm i first trigger Viz an set the branch after waiting one second.
Is it possible to wait for the status code “Viz started” from the ipc and to trigger the set branch function when recieving the status code?
I couldn’t find a Register oder Variable which stores the current status code from the Vision System on the robot.

Thanks in advance,

Can you use get_status to obtain the status code after triggering Mech-Viz?