Defining the pick order with multiple tools

Mech-Viz 1.8.2

In the new Mech-Viz version how can you realize these two cases when you have mutiple Tools?
E.g. a two finger gripper with two or more opening widths for picking at different positions:
Opening width of 200 mm for label 0 (=tool 0) and opening width of 100 mm for label 1 (=tool1)

Mech-Vision returns a pose list (pose_0, pose_1, …, pose_N) and a corresponding label (label_0, label_1, …, label_N). Label 0 is used for indicating that tool0 is used for this pick point, label 1 for tool1.

  1. Case:
    The poses should be tried in the order that is coming from Mech-Vision independent of the label.
    E.g. label = [0,1,1]. If pose_0 not pickable with tool0 then try to pick pose_1 with tool1 etc.

  2. Case:
    The poses of label 0 have priority and should be picked first. Only if none of the poses with label 0 can be picked, then the poses with label 1 should be picked. Vision moves have the “Use Specific Workobject Pose Only” enabled for the respective label/workobject.

Can this be achieved it with the example workflows that are shown above?

Exactly, both Case 1 and Case 2 workflows appear correct, and that’s typically how we handle situations where different tools are needed to pick different labels.