Effects of compatibility mode

When a project which was create which Mech-Vision <1.8 is opened in 1.8.x it is opened in “Compatibility mode”
What are the (negative) effects of the compatibility mode? Is there a way to fully convert a pre 1.8 project to a valid 1.8 Vision project?

If all the Mech-Vision and Mech-Viz projects opened in all software are in the Compatibility Mode, there will be no negative effect and the projects can be used the old-version way.

We are sorry currently there are no way to fully convert a project.

The compatibility mode is all about whether the robot frame lies at the bottom center of robot base. If so, then it has no effect at all.

If the robot frame is not at the bottom center of robot base, the compatibility mode ensures that the software behaves exactly the same before/after upgrading.

For more details about the effect, you can hover on the “Compatibility mode” and read the tooltip.