Running Python Examples - ModuleNotFound

I was having a look at the MecheEye SDK for Python i.e. its examples: GitHub - MechMindRobotics/mecheye_python_samples: Python samples for Mech-Eye camera.

After installing the Python Module via

pip install MechEyeAPI

and downloading the github repo mecheye_python_samples I tried to run area_scan_3d_camera/basic/ but get the error ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'mecheye'. Looking at the code

from mecheye.shared import *
from mecheye.area_scan_3d_camera import *
from mecheye.area_scan_3d_camera_utils import find_and_connect

this comes to no surprise as no mecheye Python module was installed by the pip command but MechEye.

Found the solution. The problem is that the installation depends on your Python interpreter version.
The github example is currently valid for Python interpreters 3.7-3.11. If you use an older Python interpreter version the MechEyeAPI is different!

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